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Panagia of Chora

It is accessible on foot by the whitewashed wide steps that start from the Elementary School (Pounta square) of Chora and the view from up there is magnificent. The path passes by the cemetery and goes up helically to reach in about 15’ to the doorstep of the church with the three-arched belfry. The church is a single-aisle basilica with three domes and arched vertical blocks and it is a rare sample of the Aegean church architecture. It was once a catholic convent for women and took its current form in 1816-1821. What mostly stand out are inside the church are the marble temple of the 19th century and the portable icon of Odigitria that is also the most respectable item in the island.  

It is celebrated on August 15th on the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.  


 The Christian church was built in the position of an ancient sanctuary, as they have found inscriptions dedicated to the Light-bearer Artemis and her brother, Apollo Protector.  


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