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A unique digital fingerprint-Journalists and Bloggers praise the Dodecanese

Under the three-year Integrated Strategic Tourism Development Plan and the cooperation of the South Aegean Region with Marketing Greece, they implemented a series of pubic and digital projection to promote the islands. Major tributes to leading media abroad left a powerful digital fingerprint for the Dodecanese.


Journalists and bloggers experienced the travel destinations in the area and lived experiences filled with sun and sea, gastronomy, history, music, culture. Everything recorded, was notified through the forms and the SME websites, in blogs measuring high traffic, as well as the corresponding social networking applications (facebook, instagram, Youtube, Twitter ...). Thus an electronic album was created that projected uniquely islands.


Alongside all the posts of bloggers were republished in the platform that serves as a perpetual "barometer" of the impact of the posts.


Some of the featured articles are those of Conde Nast Traveller UK ( and Vanity ( -mondo / reportage / 16/08/23 / karpathos-isole-greche-tradizione) where they call Patmos "paradise" and Karpathos "Mediterranean hideaway with air", while the article in the Austrian newspaper KURIER, reveals unique experience of island-hopping and presents it as the ideal form of holiday.


An honorary place had Rhodes as a destination that hosted important journalistic missions and bloggers. Only in September held Biao series of journalistic trips specifically hosted dimoiografiki team Destinos Del Mundo broadcast displayed on Mexico Travel Channel in order to create a documentary about the destination of Rhodes. Also the Daily Mail will display the "Emerald Isle" as a romantic destination in late summer while Mittelbayerische Zeitung focuses on dynatgotites available for kite-surfing. The French lifestyle mother blogger Natasha Birds posted on the blog of a possible article on Rhodes as a place that can combine a family holiday with the lifestyle ( en-grece /) while German Lina Mallon focus on entertainment features for the audience of 20+. Finally, the Polonaise Aga Zawistowska with extensive experience in the tourist reportage gathered rich material from Rhodes for the articles!


Special was also the purpose of the journalists from the German Press Agency (dpa) last June in Rhodes. Result of this visit will be an article entitled "Creative young people who have chosen to live and thrive on Rhodes". Through contacts and interviews with young, creative people who have chosen to live in Rhodes, will highlight the youthful and "live" side of the island. This article will be published before the start of next season and redistributed to the hundreds of cooperating means to dpa.


It should be noted that journalistic missions and bloggers have been accommodated in the Cyclades and have written a series of flattering articles.


For the digital display of the islands, the Deputy Head of Tourism Marietta Papavasileiou states: "Consistently three-year strategic plan promoting tourism, the South Aegean Region passed in the digital age and applies innovative actions to enhance the tourist reputation of our country and stimulate traffic.

Through partnerships with selected blogger & journalists not only show our islands with modern and efficient manner, but targeted build modern image and renew our region's profile as a quality destination that is constantly evolving and can offer unique experiences even to the discerning traveler. "

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