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Say I Do in the Dodecanese

The most important day of your life deserves one of the most beautiful settings! Lovebirds and intractable romantics, live your romance in the Dodecanese and experience moments as if in a movie set. Long strolls in quintessential old villages, peaceful evenings in scenic settings over breathtaking, sweeping vistas, idyllic wetlands and stunning sunset views set up a majestic backdrop for the dreamiest moments.

The Dodecanese blends romance, tradition and breathtaking sceneries in a unique combination. Beautiful islands with quaint architecture, amazing sunsets and infinite blue, such as Rhodes and Kos, charming towns blending history and culture, cosmopolitan but at the same time unspoilt, plenty of secluded landscapes of unique beauty to spend moments of pleasure and create memories to cherish.

These quintessentially Greek islands are above all charming and hospitable and the breathtaking scenery can amplify the heightened emotions, leading to the perfect wedding ceremony or honeymoon.

Getting married in one of these islands, with spectacular infinity views and the sun slipping down beyond the ocean, seems to be idyllic and is some people’s idea of paradise. With a variety of islands to choose from, your dream of getting married outdoors, overlooking the deep blue can be fulfilled.


Are you a history lover? Then Rhodes is the island for your wedding! Travel back in time in the medieval citadel of Rhodes, in an era where the Knights of St. John were in charge or come across one of the seven wonders of antiquity, the Colossus-a statue of Helios (sun). Stunning natural scenery with pine trees and cypress forests spread across the island, beautiful golden sandy beaches with azure blue waters and exquisite architecture await you, creating a unique atmosphere for such a unique event. Romance is spread throughout the island from the beaming sunsets to the valley of the butterflies, that can be found in masses during summer. Truly, one of the best island destinations for weddings in Greece.


Can you imagine anything more romantic than a wedding in Kos? Deep blue waters, white-washed houses, dramatic sceneries overlooking the rough scenery, the sun setting directly to the Aegean Sea bathing the whole landscape in shades of blue, purple, red and yellow and you and your loved ones sharing your very special moments in awe. The essence of romance, the picturesque villages, the crimson sunsets, create such an idyllic atmosphere, which can make a wedding in Kos unforgettable.


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind location for your wedding then the island of Astypalea is the best choice for you. Exceptional architecture with traditional houses and mansions, long peddled beaches with turquoise waters and a variety of historic and cultural treasures create the best ever wedding location for a destination wedding in Greece. It will take your breath away.


With its unseen natural beauties, Tilos is an island that can fulfill your dream of an unforgettable wedding. Boasting of pristine beaches with deep blue waters and breathtaking landscapes, the island suits to couples that seek stunning scenery in a relaxed atmosphere. Get married in Tilos and say ‘i do’ spend some time on a pure Dodecanese island. What are you waiting for?


An island with cloud-wrapped villages and rugged beauty, where there’s still something undeniably primal in the air. Pristine beaches, pebbled coasts and faraway small bays will satisfy all tastes. Alongside with the primitive beauty of the natural landscape of Karpathos, this slender island between Crete and Rhodes is a gateway to the past. It embodies the perfect romanticism and the essence of summer combined with dramatic scenery and local traditions and customs. Combine the memories of one of the most important days of your life with tradition and the saltiness of the sea and create a magical event for you to remember.

Romantic souls and savvy travelers forget about Paris and Venice and find your perfect romantic getaway among the islands of the Dodecanese!


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