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The best young chef of Europe is from the Dodecanese!

The Dodecanese gastronomy was the focus of interest around Europe with the conquest of the European New Chef title (European Young Chef) for 2016 from Rhodium chef Stamatis Misomikes. The chef who is a member of the Club Chefs Dodecanese and Cyclades represented the Region of South Aegean in the context of its nomination as Culinary Region of Europe in 2019.

Stamatis Misomikes for his dish called "Salas, the joy of birth" used materials from the South Aegean islands, such as Santorinian tomato, capers from Rhodes, saffron from Astypalea and Symian shrimp. All members of the jury headed by internationally acclaimed chef Joan Roca gave the maximum score that earned him this important title. The district commissioner of South Aegean George Hatzimarkos congratulated Stamatis Misomikexs for his grand success, and Club Chef Dodecanese Cyclades for its selection to represent the South Sea with the talented chef from Rhodes.

This distinction brings the Region of South Aegean a step closer to winning the title of Europe's gastronomic capital in 2019. The region's participation in the title claim makes the gastronomy and local products of the islands, a benchmark in European gastronomic culture and heritage. In this way the goal that was originally set by the Regional Authority for openness, interconnection gastronomic tourism and culture, the promotion of local products and their disposal in overseas markets is gradually becoming true.

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