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The best time to visit Dodecanese

When thinking about traveling to Dodecanese there is one question that always comes in mind: when is it really the best time to visit? Your decision will depend on many factors including your interests, the weather, exactly where you want to visit and why you're travelling. But to tell you the truth, Dodecanese is a year-round destination with four seasons of relatively temperate weather, so you can choose whichever season suits your tastes and enjoy your vacations either relaxing on an island or travelling through the beauties of the mainland.

  • Autumn

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Dodecanese, specifically September and October. The high season starts to wind down in September and conditions are ideal once more until the end of October. The weather is still warm, mostly on the islands, with a few drops of rain here and there and you can enjoy your holiday without being suffocated by the crowds. In October, the Aegean islands and especially the southerly Dodecanese are extremely pleasant and autumn in general is very beautiful; the light is softer, the sea often balmier than the air and the colors subtler. Unfortunately, by November the endless blue skies of summer have disappeared. November to February is the period of months with the heaviest raindrops in Dodecanese and it can get surprisingly cold.

  • Winter

Although much milder than in Northern Europe,  the winter months in Dodecanese are still quite  cold with heavy rains, low temperatures, strong winds and snow mostly in the North. There are however many crystal-clear, fine days, with blue skies and bright sunlight. The majority of the tourist infrastructure particularly on the islands - hotels, seasonal cafés, shops, restaurants - close down from November until the beginning of April. The transportation around the islands is drastically reduced or cancelled and weather dependant. The busiest time of winter is around Christmas, where everything is pre-booked both by visitors and inhabitants. Traditions, hospitality and family bonding are the basic elements of Christmas in Dodecanese. It would be a pity to miss it!


  • Spring

Spring marks the start of the vacation season, which is concentrated mostly on April and May. The visitors start to arrive, just in time to celebrate with the locals the Orthodox Easter, which is usually around April. Between Easter and mid-June the weather is pleasantly warm in most places, while one can enjoy sightseeing and the beautiful beaches as they are relatively less crowded. Lush vegetation of green forests and the verdant slopes of the brown-reddish mountains, prosperous plains and bloomed uplands will uplift and refresh you from the gloomy atmosphere of the past winter months. You have a variety of accommodation options to choose from as hotel availability is higher during spring and the prices more reasonable.

  • Summer

From mid-June to the end of August it is the high season in Dodecanese. Hot, sunny summer days, perfect for relaxing on the beach and the blue of the sky mixes together with the blue and turquoise of the sea. The islands are filled with visitors, crowded, vivid and alive! If you want to visit Dodecanese during the summer you have to book in advance especially during July 20th to August 20th, which is the peak of the holiday season. The 15th of August is a public holiday and the Dormition of Virgin Mary is celebrated. Throughout the Dodecanese, adventure junkies will have the opportunity to take part in various well-known activities organized by the local authorities and the Region of South Aegean Islands, celebrate and participate at local festivities and feasts.

You can enjoy Dodecanese and its treasures whenever you choose to go! Have fun and explore its every part!



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