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The most beautiful villages in Dodecanese

It is only natural that when you decide to go on vacation, you would know approximately what you want to do and which places you want to visit while on your destination. Unfortunately though, it’s not possible to include everything in your to-do list and so many little treasure of beauty and awe can be left unseen.

Dodecanese thrives with small and picturesque villages hidden behind mountains or standing in plain sight on green valleys throughout the islands. Here comes the blue and white of the Aegean to travel you through the beauties and mysteries of the sea.

While visiting a Dodecanese island it is quite difficult to explore every single village, but how about visiting the most beautiful ones? Let’s explore together the most beautiful villages of the Dodecanese Islands.

Lindos, Rhodes

One of the most impressive villages of Rhodes, Lindos is considered to be a jewel of beauty and history on the island. Being one of the main attractions on Rhodes, it is a picturesque village with narrow paved alleys between small whitewashed buildings. Time and change hasn’t touched Lindos as its authenticity is maintained by a preservation order and status as a national landmark. The village is situated in a large horseshoe shaped bay and its little houses surround the grand citadel that lies on top of the hill, whilst the beach below is an enchanting crescent of golden sand and clear blue waters.

Olympos, Karpathos

The village of Olympus is truly a real treat for the eyes;  a 9th century  medieval hamlet defying the march of time with its windmills, old stone ovens and picturesque chapels, making it one of the most impressive sights of the Aegean. Set 58 km northwest of Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos, the village gives a striking impression from the first moment you see it. Due to its location the houses have a unique view over the Aegean Sea and therefore not unjustly been characterized by many as the balcony of the Aegean. Olympos retains an old fashioned way of life where primitive customs play an important role. Here you can turn back time… 

Chora, Patmos

Small and fiendishly remote, Patmos is one of those out-of-the-way islands that’s only on the radar of those in the know.  Steeped in mystique, the hilltop Chora is a beautifully preserved slice of Byzantium.  As the capital of Patmos the village lies in the south central part of the island and a few km south of Skala, the main port of Patmos. The traditional settlement is built around the imposing Monastery of Saint John the Theologian, dotted with whitewashed houses and small alleys.

Chora, Astypalea

There's something unforgettably peaceful about the Chora's quiet labyrinth of whitewashed houses. The odd open doors give a glimpse into cool tiled rooms, the sea beckoning from every window. Although the island belongs to the Dodecanese complex, it has an intense Cycladic character that is vividly presented to its architecture, with white-washed sugar cube houses, paved streets and traditional windmills. Blue doors and windows, stone windmills and light blue domes, labyrinth alleys and flowery yards spread amphitheatrically on the slope of the hill of the Venetian castle of Guerini. This mixture of the traditional Cycladic architecture and the magnificence of the Venetian essence give Astypalea a unique aura and beauty.

Zia, Kos

Zia is an enchanting little village that lies at the base of Mount Dikaios, the highest mountain of Kos island. The village has kept its traditional feel but has nowadays become one of the major attractions of the island. It is located 16 km southeast of Kos town and close to Asfendiou village. This small beautiful village is hidden among lush green forests and running waters offering breathtaking views to the entire island.

Chorio, Symi

Well known for the vision of the neoclassical dwellings as you enter the harbor, it is indeed a sight to behold, truly picture-postcard beautiful. Yet the island has a lot more to offer to the traveler than a single harbor view. At the top of the 450 steps of the Kali Strata, lies Chorio, where most of the locals live.  Chorio is the oldest inhabited area with many narrow lanes and picturesque houses predating the Neo-Classical which predominates on the Kali Strata and in Yialos.  Views of the harbour from Chorio are breathtaking.

Nikia, Nisyros

With labyrinthine cobblestone paths where you can easily get lost in, Nikia is located very close to the volcano. The walk in the village will take you to two exquisite viewpoints of the volcano’s caldera and in its alleys you will see many restored houses, painted in bright colors, with the typical sloped tile roof. In the village there are the monastery of Panagia Kyra (Virgin Mary, our Lady) of the 17th century and the monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian as well. The old part of the village was built with small picturesque streets and unique architecture that adds to the village's beauty.

If you decide to visit one of the above Dodecanese islands don’t forget to explore these hidden treasures. The most amazing villages of the Dodecanese Islands await you!


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