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One of the most beautiful destinations in the Cyclades. In many areas it seems still untouched by the tourist development. The special energy that Amorgos gives out, its unique nature, the contemplation from high above, the old paths which bring out the pleasant herb odour, the lovely deep blue color of its waters, make visitors keep it deep in their hearts, in a very special place.

Thousands of small and big secrets are hidden in every corner of the island. Here they still thresh and winnow their ‘fava’. They keep ancient customs, such as the Captain’s, in Lagada. They make their ‘pavli’ from wheat and rye and boil the baked raki in the pot. They whitewash the alleys and they draw flowers and suns on them every year.

Archaeologists’ “Tripolis Amorgos”, an island always divided in three parts: Arkesini, Minoa, Aegiali. Amorgos of Pano and Kato Meria. Amorgos of the two ports, the one of Katapola and that of Aegiali, and that of shiny and wonderful Chora which encloses its castle and leaves its mills high on the ridge to flounder in the winds. Amorgos of Hozoviotissa and Big Blue, the movie by French director Luc Besson, which made the island famous abroad.

Hospitable, proud, pure and untouched it welcomes you every summer with ‘rakomela’ (raki with honey), smiles and the improvised Amorgian songs which you will listen in the old traditional cafés and the villages’ taverns.

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