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Seafaring lifestyle, natural and material wealth, abundant water resources, Andros Chora with unique architecture and history, museums that attract summer visitors, exquisite sandy beaches, magnificent villages hidden amid the lush vegetation, monasteries with long history, castles, dovecotes, windmills and watermills.

 The second biggest Cycladic island after Naxos extends over a surface of 374km2 and it is only two hours away from the port of Rafina. This destination is not far from Athens, yet it is full of fascinating secrets waiting to be revealed by eager explorers. Some secrets lie at the threshing floors, the secluded beaches, the lighthouse of Fassa and the large network of dirt roads of the western part of the island. Other secrets lie along the paths of Dipotamata, among the old watermills and the exquisite natural landscapes, at the spring of Pythara, at Arna, at the villages of Ano Korthio and along the dirt roads leading to the strait between Andros and Tinos. And of course, every wonderful old trail of the island is full of surprises. Thus, exploring every one of them is definitely a worthwhile experience all year round. 


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