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Prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri

During the prehistoric times, Akrotiri was considered as one of the most important urban centres in the Aegean Sea. It is estimated that the first settlements were developed since the Post Neolithic Period (at least since the 4th milennium B.C.). The settlement of Akrotiri existed since the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium B.C). During the Middle and Early Post Bronze Age (20th-17th century B.C.) this settlement was further developed and it became one of the most significant urban centres and ports of the Aegean Sea.          
The city of Ancient Thera, built on the hill called Mesa Vouno, is located at the south-eastern coast of the island. It was founded by the people of the Dorian colony in the 8the century B.C and until the end of the ancient times it constituted the urban, administrative and religious centre of the city-state of Thera.  
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