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The hill of Skarkos is located in Kambos, one of the most fertile areas of the island. The biggest known settlement of the middle Early Bronze Age (Early Bronze II Age, Keros-Syros civilization, middle 3rd century BC) to date and a cemetery of the end of the Middle and the beginning of the Late Bronze Age (middle 2nd century BC), which partially coated by the earliest settlement were brought to light by the excavating research. The most notable settlement of the Early Cycladic Age, with the impressive architectural characteristic and portable findings, helps in the retrieval of a complete picture about the structures of the Cycladic communities of the middle 3rd century BC, which are known in fragments, mainly from findings of cemeteries and what is more looted ones. 
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The “tomb of Homer”

According to testimonies of reliable ancient writers, like Herodotus and Pausanias, Ios was the island that Homer died in. Besides, his relation to the island is proved by presentations in coins of Ios in the 3rd and 4th century BC. The legend goes that he died of his distress, not being able to solve a riddle put to him by the fishermen of Plakoto area, in the north edge of Ios. In this area the relics of a Hellenistic tower have been established in the minds of Ios people as the “tomb of Homer”. We get information about the death and the burial of Homer from Strabo as well (book 10). Info The area where the tomb of Homer is located offers a unique view. You will go there through a marked path (10 minutes) and on the route you will find a roofed gazebo for relaxation and contemplation. Around the area there are stone buildings of the cattle breeders. The deserted settlement of Plakoto is located near the tomb of Homer.    
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