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Old Christian church of Kouselio

In Kouselio, southeast of the central settlement of Leipsoi, the few remains saved around the church of Panagia imply the existence of an ancient settlement that flourished from the classical to the old Christian era. You can see wall ruins, architectural parts, a counterweight of an ancient mill and fragments of pottery. There are also remains of a large three-aisled basilica with mosaics and a cross-shaped baptistery of the 5th century, while on the wall of the current temple of Kimisis tis Theotokou there is an ancient marble inscription.   Info Near the beach of Kampos, remains of an ancient ceramic workshop have been identified. The excavation plan has not been completed yet.  

The castle

At the peak of the hill Kastro, 107m, above the sea surface and less than 1km southeast of Chora, you can see the ruins of the ancient acropolis of the island. There are still andira (artificial terraces), on the highest of which there are still wall ruins, architectural parts, stone structures, fragments of pottery, as well as traces of fortifications.   Info A necropolis of the classical times lies between the castle and the current settlement, in the open area defined by the churches of Agios Efstathios and Agii Anargyri. Based on its findings, it had been continuously used until the late Roman period. 
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