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The fortified early-Cycladic settlement of Kastri dates back to circa 2300-2220 BC. This is the most important fortifying construction of the 3rd millennium BC in the Aegean, with towers and gates. Its extent, the variety in the plan views of the excavated houses, the portable findings (samples of pottery, stone carving, miniature art and metalwork) indicate a flourishing society that had developed relations with the coasts of Asia Minor.    
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The early-Cycladic cemetery of Chalandriani is the most widespread of the kind that has been investigated so far. It consists of at least 600 undercover tombs with rich tomb offerings, including two frying pan-shaped earthenware depicting ships, which indicate that the settlement of the cemetery was one of the most important of the Early Bronze Age in the Cyclades. Traces of Early Cycladic settlement exist in other parts of the island as well (Talanta, Sa Michalis, Azolimnos, Galissas, Mallia, Manna). Remains of the two cities that flourished from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period are found in Ermoupoli and Galissas.    
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