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Astypalea – An island on the “borderline”

Looking for off the beaten track alternatives and places that are teeming with authenticity? If you're in need of a true island escape in Greece, then there is an under-the-radar place that will live you at awe.


Swathed in smooth turquoise waters, butterfly-shaped and located exactly where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades, the island of Astypalea boasts as an idyllic destination for alternative holidays, which will give you a deep insight to the authentic Greek life.


Although the island belongs to the Dodecanese complex, it has an intense Cycladic character that is vividly presented to its architecture, with white-washed sugar cube houses, paved streets and traditional windmills. Blue doors and windows, stone windmills and light blue domes, labyrinth alleys and flowery yards spread amphitheatrically on the slope of the hill of the Venetian castle of Guerini. This mixture of the traditional Cycladic architecture and the magnificence of the Venetian essence give Astypalea a unique aura and beauty.


A place blessed with wild natural beauty, combining the turquoise blue of the sea with the rough scenery surrounding the shores. With its quaint fishing villages, beautiful sun-drenched beaches and quiet bays, it is an ideal place for vacations and relaxation, especially when traveling with your family.


The island of Astypalea boasts a centuries-old history as well as a centuries-old traditional cuisine. Rich in gastronomy and natural beauty, your vacation on the island will give you the chance to enjoy fresh seafood, local produce, and plentiful wine. Experience one of Greece’s most well hidden destinations and dive into a world of tactile delights.

More than the food, or the buildings, the thing you’ll never forget about Astypalaia is the water. You will never see water this clear and blue, and the contrast with the surrounding cliffs makes it that much more surreal.


Embark on a fascinating trip where the deep blue of the sea meets the bright white colours of beautiful island houses…

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