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Agia Anna

Agia Anna became famous due to the movie Big Blue, by Luc Besson, which made Amorgos famous worldwide and attracted many French tourists. The road leading to Agia Anna beach (2km from Chora) is one of the most beautiful  on the island and the deep blue color of the sea remains engraved in the memory forever.
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Agios Pavlos

The beach is 5 km from the bay of Aegiali. Admire the white piece of land that penetrates the green-azure waters.
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Agios Panteleimonas

It is located in the area of Katapola. You will go on foot from Xylokeratidi, or by boat. It has rocks, sand and the beautiful white chapel of Agios Panteleimonas. It is suitable for families.    
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The long sandy beach begins near the port of Aegiali, where the pedestrian street with the stores is, it continues in Lakki area and ends up in Fokiotrypa. It is easily accessible with a smooth seabed. There are beach bars.
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It is preferred by the locals because it has amazing waters even though you need to walk for 30 minutes on a path in order to go there. You will go up to a point through a cement-road which begins near Arkesini. It has thick pebbles and clear waters.
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It is a small sandy beach on the west of the settlement of Katapola, with a few straw umbrellas, a small pier and rocks.
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It is located next to Agia Anna, it has thick pebbles and it looks like the former beach. The path that leads there is steep and it needs attention.
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It is located in the area of Arkesini.
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It is located in the area of Aegiali, with green waters and sand, view to the port and Potamos right across, rooms to let and a little tavern.
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Mikri Vlychada has sand, pebbles and nice waters.
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Megali Vlychada

Megali Vlychada consists of a bay with sand, pebbles and green-azure waters.
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The waters are crystal clear, with nice shades of blue- turquoise.
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This islet is preferred by many visitors, since the small boats that go there from Agios Pavlos save them from painful walking towards other beaches on the island. In Nikouria you can choose one of the three beaches that have fine pebbles and sand. The islet is preferred by those who own a boat as well. The prehistoric fortification on the eastern side reveals its habitation since the 3rd millennium BC.     
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Small and narrow sandy beach, inside Xylokeratidi. The place is a suntrap –in contrast to Katapola. There are a few umbrellas during the summer.
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It is 5km from Arkesini and it is located below the chapel of Agia Paraskevi (10 minutes walk).        
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Psili Ammos and Hohlakas

  You will go by sink units from the port of Aegiali, or from Levrossos on foot: The first beach has sand (10 minutes). The second one (another 10 minutes) has large round pebbles.
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