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Agia Marina

This is the first beach after Batsi on the south side of the island. It is narrow and sandy and is mostly preferred by families.
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Agios Petros

This is a long beach, about 1km after Gavrio. It has fine-grained golden sand, a beach bar and taverns. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas on many parts of the beach.     
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This small sandy beach lies below the small church of Panagia. There are sand dunes and a small gorge behind it. Another larger beach is located nearby. 
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An 8km long dirt road leads to this impressive beach, which is located at the northeastern part of the island. The valley behind Achla is the most important environmental area of Andros. The beach has small white pebbles and emerald waters. The small church of Agios Nikolaos stands out on one end of the beach. Just before you arrive, you will see the promontory of Gria on your left with the homonymous lighthouse.    
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A beautiful beach in the northeastern part of the island with big pebbles and crystal clear waters.     
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A long sandy beach in the northwest with a rock in the middle. Further north, you will find a smaller beach called Pyrgos. It was named after the abandoned Venetian tower on top of the cliff.      


The shipwreck of a Turkish ship, which was caught in a big storm and ran aground on the rocks while being towed from Turkey to Italy, made the area of Vori famous in recent years. On the seabed there is another shipwreck of a ship, which ran aground in 1920. You will also find a small biotope with a river in the area.   
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Grias pidima

A small sandy beach near Ormos Korthiou. An impressive monolith that is 15m high is a characteristic feature of the landscape. According to tradition, it owes its name to an old woman of Andros who helped the Turks invade the castle of Faneromeni, but once she realized the consequences of her actions, she jumped off a cliff into the sea and was “turned into stone”.  
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A sandy beach with crystal clear waters and impressive rocks. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.  


An organized leeward beach with shallow waters and powdery sand, just below the main road connecting Gavrio to Batsi.
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A small and beautiful beach next to Paraportiani.
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The beach at Ormos Korthiou is long and sandy. It is ideal for windsurfing. In fact, a World Championship was held there.   
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This beach is located at the village of Batsi. It has changing rooms and showers.   
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One of the two beaches surrounding Chora.
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A beach with big stones and crystal clear waters that is close to the excavation site in the area, where the ancient capital of the island used to be.  
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A small and busy beach near Chora with pebbles and crystal clear waters. You will find taverns in the area. If you walk a little further north, you will reach the site of Piso Gialia.
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One of the two beaches of Chora (the other one is Nimporio). It is located south of the town.   


A beautiful sandy beach that is favored by very few people, even during the high tourist season.   
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A cove with deep waters below the homonymous village in the area of Korthi. There is also a cave in the area that is worth exploring.    
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This is an enclosed cove with emerald waters, sand and a few salt cedars on the northwestern side of the island, near Gavrio.  
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A beautiful sandy beach with a typical Cycladic landscape with pezoules (stone fences), pens and the small church of Agios Ioannis in the background.   
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Chrysi (Psili) Ammos and Kypri.

These are two of the most known beaches of the island. They are leeward and organized and have shallow waters and powdery sand. They are located right below the main road connecting Gavrio to Batsi.    
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