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Shady beach with shingles and a pier in the middle.  
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Vathys Volos

A sandy strip of land overlooking Despotico.
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Agios Georgios

Windless, with crystal clear waters, fine sand and shingles. Its seabed is worth exploring. It is located at the south overlooking Despotico.
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Crystal clear waters, close to the beach of Apantima. 


   With thick sand and shade from the trees. 
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A wonderful sandy beach with emerald waters is hidden behind the cave. It is located at the southern part of the island and it is accessible by boat.  


A beautiful beach where the camping site of Antiparos is located. It is favored by young people.
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A small sandy beach with cedars on the western side of the island. 
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With shingles, sand and emerald waters, next to the cove of Sostis. 
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Megala Monastiria

The green slope leads to the sea. A secret landscape with a long sandy beach and crystal clear waters.
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Mikra Monastiria

A hidden sandy beach that can be reached after a lot of walking. It is located next to Megala Monastiria.
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Pano Psaralyki & Psaralyki

The former is the popular family beach of Antiparos with easy access and natural shade. The latter provides a solution for those who want to swim near the settlement of Antiparos
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  It is located next to Soros and it has crystal waters.  
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  Windless sandy beach on the eastern part of the island. 
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Easily accessible beach. However, it is exposed to the winds therefore there are often waves in that area. It is worth enjoying the sunset there.
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Beautiful and long; a sandy beach with deep waters. The calm bay of Mikros Soros with its fine gravel lies next to it. Its seabed is worth exploring.  
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Beautiful with white sand and emerald waters and ideal for exploring its seabed with a mask.  
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The strange shapes of the rocks on this beach are impressive. 
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