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Agios Georgios

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, however, is exposed to the north wind and has often big waves. Before the dock in Karavostasis was condustred, many of fishing boats docked here, since Agios Georgios is opposite Milos and it was easy to transfer here pitchers from Sifnos or melons and watermelons from Milos.
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Agios Nikolaos

The adequate shade under the tamarix trees, the picturesque chapel of the patron of seafarers and a canteen make the beach of Ai Nikolas ideal for those looking just for the basic comforts. You can get there by taking a path and walking for 15min or by taking a boat from Aggali.
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This is a wonderful beach with green waters, sand and magnificent rocky formations. It is very close to Chora and is accessible by vehicle or by bus.   It has rooms to rent, fish taverns, cafes/ ouzeri and a parking area. From the pier, the boats can take you to other near beaches.    
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On the right of the cliff that is behind Karavostasis, some built-in steps go down to the quiet pebbly beach.  
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This is a series of pebbly shores on the outer side that also reaches Latinaki, with their own cove.
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This is a beautiful beach that you may reach by taking a path, although most of the visitors get there by boat. The islet standing out in the middle of the bay creates a strong sea current that moves southwards to the reef that the locals call Diapori. Do not try to swim against the current. You will run out of strength before you know it.    


The cove where the boats in Karavostasis anchor is defined to the south by a narrow strip of land that goes into the sea. The side of the strip that faces the port is sandy. Its name refers to the Venetian rule.
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It is a southeastern beach surrounded by vegetable gardens, orchards and has the only camping site on the island. It has fine pebbles and sand, transparent waters and low vegetation. A dirt road of one kilometer connects the beach to the port.  
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It is found in the uninhabited area near the lighthouse of Aspropounta. It is an isolated beach known for its natural beauty and the slippery ground. It is quite attractive to holidaymakers who get there either by boat from Aggali or by two trails that descend from the terminal of Pano Meria. The first descends from Agios Mamas and the second from Agioi Anargyroi.
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It is the central beach of Karavostasis. It rarely has waves and it is one of the very few beaches on the island that offers shade under the tamarix trees. At a close distance you may find taverns and ouzeri.
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