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Agios Georgios (Port)

You can swim carefree in the port of Irakleia. The waters are crystal-clear and the tamarisks cast their relaxing shadows for free. Taste the Greek cuisine and drink ouzo at the waterfront tavernas. 
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Vorini Spilia (Northern Cave)

This cave is located at the northern part of the island, near Agios Georgios. Thus, it is exposed to the wind and the waves quite often wash up junk on the beach. You can access it through a path starting from the last houses of the settlement at the port (behind the newly-built church of Agios Ioannis).
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A small cove with emerald waters and shingles. Follow the path that leads to the cave of Agios Ioannis. After a 30-minute walk you will see a sign pointing left towards the cave. Turn right, not left, at the sign and keep walking for 20 more minutes.  
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Livadi (or Mourtos)

A long sandy beach surrounded by vegetation opposite the islet of Venetiko. You can see Schinousa in the distance. This beach is easy to access (only 20 minutes away from the port on foot) and that is why it is the most favored one.  
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Tourkopigado is located east of Panagia. The pebbled beach that looks like a fjord is easily accessible thanks to a newly-built road. If you come to the beach on foot from the island’s capital, you will come across something that looks like a projectile missile, though it is not, located at a field over the coast. It is actually something called “papaki”(duckling), a tool used for collecting World War II mines.  
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Alimia and Merihas

We suggest you meet these unique beaches by boat. Alimia, with its crystal-clear and always cool waters, is ideal for observing the sea bed, since this is the place where a wreckage of a German hydroplane lies as it was sunken during the 2nd World War. So, take a diving mask with you! The beach is sandy and pebbled. There is access on foot via a shortcut starting at the path towards the cave of Agios Ioannis. Merihas bay is pebbled and is considered to be the most impressive beach of the island, since it is framed by vertical cliffs that rise over 100m high. It constitutes an ideal place for bird-watching, since rare birds nest there, and it is also a haven when eastern, north-eastern and north winds blow.  
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