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If you stay in Pothia, you can visit the beaches of Gefira, Therma and Vlihadia as well as the beaches in the west part of the island. Vlihadia is located 6km to the south-west of Pothia. It is a beautiful coastal settlement in an enclosed bay and it constitutes the seaport of the village Vothini.

Having as a starting point the settlement Vathis, you can visit the beaches of Rina and Akti. You can go to the beaches of Almires, Drasonta, Pezonta, Palionisos, Sikati and Petronta by means of a tourist boat.

In Emporios, you can swim at the beaches of the village and the bay of Arginontas.

In Massouri, you can visit the beach of the settlement, Armeos and Arginontas. The bay Arginontas is situated 5km to the north-east of the settlement and it has exquisite green-blue waters. In the greater area and on the island Kalavros there are several fish farms. The village is located at the cove of the bay, where there are a few houses, olive groves and the church of Panagia Galatiani.

In Mirties, visitors can visit the beach of the settlement, as well as the beach of the holiday settlement Melitsahas.

If you are in Panormos, you can swim at the beaches of the holiday settlements Kantouni and Linaria. In addition, in the settlement Platis Gialos, 2km to the west of Panormos, there is a wonderful beach.


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