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In Fri you will swim on the beach of the settlement and at Emporios. You can also visit the small island Armathia by boat.

The north and northwest side of Kasos, were the settlements are located, is called “Kato Gi” (Lower Land) by the locals and there, you will find some beaches. You can enjoy swimming at Antiperatos (and you can go from there to the three pebbled beaches and Fokiokamara on foot), at Ammoua (by the sandy path) you can enjoy the best sunsets of the island, while sitting on the sand around the church of Agios Konstantinos, at Katarti, at Vrisi in the area of the old airport, at the old port, at Kofteri, at Vlicha.

The most distant and relatively quiet beach of the island is Chelatros. It is located at the south uninhabited part of Kasos, which is easy to access. Follow the central asphalt road to the South and in 13km you will reach the beautiful pebbled beach and you will enjoy the view from the Libyan Sea. Chelatros is a favorite destination for spearfishermen, but you need to be cautious because there are currents in open sea. You should bring along anything you might need, because the area is isolated.

Avlaki is a small, marvelous beach on the south side of the island. You can access it by boat or by a rather wild path.


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