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In Mandraki, close to the cemetery, there is a very small sandy beach on which the township adds sand every summer.

On the port of Kastellorizo you can dive in front of the hotel of your choice. Furthermore, many people dive in Faros as well as from the rocks around the castle.

At Agios Georgios on the island of Ro, the small beach (of 20 meters) is ideal for dives. It is worth making the excursion by caique in order to see the island with the monument of Despina Achladioti, the Lady of Ro, who would daily fly the Greek flag for decades. You will go to Plakes as well by caique where you will swim in deep crystal waters.


In the summer mornings (around 9.00 o’clock) the caiques depart for the route up to the island of Ro, Plakes and the Blue Cave. It is worth making the excursion to Kas of Turkey on Fridays, when there is the big bazaar of the town. You will need an ID or a passport.


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