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The beaches of Kimolos

If you have time available, take the chance to visit all the beaches of the island as they are of unique beauty, most of them easily accessible and protected from the summer “meltemia” (north winds).

Dekas - Ellinika - Mavrospilia

Three separate but successive beaches with an easy access. Dekas is known for the plenty of orchards. At Ellinika you will have the chance to see the ancient town and the tombs. The landforms “Aspragremna” are ideal for artistic photo shooting. Mavrospilia will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the amazing sunset.        
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Part of it has umbrellas and sunbeds. It has a wonderful, white, thick sand (inside and outside the sea) and crystal clear turquoise waters. At the entrance of the settlement there are thermal baths. Below the chapel of Ai Giorgis there are marine caves. You will find a variety of stores and businesses for accommodation, food and entertainment. Easy access.       
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The long beach with the dark sand has a wonderful bottom worth exploring. At its end, the impressive “Aspragremna” stand out, the multiphotographed rocks of the island. It is worth visiting to enjoy the sunset in the evening.    
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Sand and pebbles (colorful and impressive), tamarix trees, countless sand lilies and the hydrobiotope of Aliki. With an easy access and a wonderful view to the open sea, Aliki is vivid with its shining crystal clear waters. You will find a variety of stores and businesses to cover your needs for accommodation, food and entertainment    
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Amoni-Agios Georgios

Amoni beach forms a sandy  tip continued by Agios Georgios which is actually on the basis of an impressive hill. On the soft stones some visitors have carved their own works of art.       
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Quiet beach, with dark pebbles, blue waters and a few lentisks.
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After the picturesque fishing village of Goupa, Karras is ideal for dives in the green-azure waters. Easy access.   Klima Even though it is affected by the north winds, you will love it. It has large pebbles, sand and lots of shade under the tamarix trees. Easy access.     
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A quiet beach with pebbles and tamarix trees - relatively easily accessible. 
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Easy access. Double beach with sand and pebbles, overlooking the strait between Kimolos and Milos. It has many tamarix trees. You will find a variety of stores and businesses for accommodation, food and entertainment.     
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Small, quiet and pebbled beach.
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You can go to Monastiria by car (better by 4X4 to avoid any difficulty on the way back). You can reach both Monastiria and Soufi by boat. Monastiria is affected by the north winds, but from there you can walk to windless Soufi. They are both sandy beaches with a rich seabed.    
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An easily accessible beach with umbrellas and sunbeds in a part of it. Golden sand, shallow, turquoise waters, many tamarix trees and sand lilies, all combined to an open view over the sea. . You will find a variety of stores and businesses for accommodation, food and entertainment.       
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With white sand and turquoise waters.
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Near Chorio, Rema is truly a natural pool, with rocks, Rematonisa and “syrmata” forming a splendid scenery. It lies next to the fishing settlement of Goupa and is quite easily accessible.    
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The island’s port is also a beach with pebbles, sand and crystal clear waters, just like all the others. You will find an ATM, stores and businesses for accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment, as well as shops for gifts and souvenirs. Easy access.    
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