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It is characterised by white sand on a petal shape and crystal clear waters with a unique transparency. It used to be deserted, but now there are roads that lead to it and taverns open there as well. Around 250 m on your right you can come across Tripiti or "Gala" as it is called today. It is a natural hole in the ground that is connected to the sea while collecting white sediment in its bottom.    
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It is a creek located at a short distance from Pori that includes two small caves towards which you can swim. The first one is open from end to end whereas the other one is a closed one surrounding a small seashore.
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Platia Pounta (or Italian)

This is a rather popular beach. Starting from here and moving towards Pori beach, at 800 m you can come across the well-known Pisina beach.  
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Beach of Chora

It is a sandy beach ideal for families, with very shallow waters and ships that are tied within a small distance. The nearest taverns serve a full menu, coffee, ouzo snacks and beverages.
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It is a sandy beach with blue green waters that is well protected from north and west winds. There is a tavern and a camping resort. It attracts a large number of people as it is not very far away from the settlement.
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