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 The biggest sandy beach of the island (3km) near the airport is tranquil and windless when the south wind blows. The waters have beautiful hues here ranging from green-azure to deep blue. It can be accessed easily and it is preferred by families and children. There is a beach bar and you can do water sports.    
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Sandy bay in northwest, close to Plaka. It can be accessed easily and it has a view to Plaka’s castle.
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One of the most beautiful beaches in the island. It is on the south part, it has wonderful green waters, white sand and small caves to explore. The access by boat is easier.
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Agia Kyriaki

 Big sandy beach with tamarix trees, fine white pebbles and green waters. There are umbrellas-sunbeds and taverns on its western side. As in Paliochori, the temperature of the sand reaches 102 degrees Celsius at some points. In Agia Kyriaki in the Roman era there was a pottery store.
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  Sandy beaches reached by an off-road vehicle, if you choose the route towards Vani. They are secluded and not crowded. However, the tourist boats cruising around the island pass by there.
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Triades- Ammoudaraki- Ai Giannis

 They are the best beaches on the western part of the island with sand, wonderful rocks and privacy. To have access you will need to walk; otherwise prefer going by boat.
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 It is in southwest, before Kleftiko. It has caves and wonderful rocks, but due to the south wind its small sandy beach sometimes disappears. It would be best if you visited the area by boat.
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 Green waters, fine white and orange pebbles. Swimming in the bay of Paliorema you will admire the outdoor industrial museum of the old sulfur mines.
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 Easily accessible, on the south of the island. There is a tavern and a small pier.
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Narrow beach in the east, with pebbles and green waters. Northerner there is 3 Pigadia (3 Wells) with a big sandy beach.
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Wonderful and big sandy beach in southeast, with big vertical rocks which have impressive colours. Here the sand is burning hot at various places due to the fumaroles (hot gases emitted in the sea and on the slope). There are hot springs of 65 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the sand reaches 101 degrees at some places. You will find umbrellas-sunbeds but a very large section is free. There are taverns, bars, café-clubs and rooms to let.    
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Carved stairs on the rock lead to the small beach and the very enclosed bay of Papafragas with the caves. It has emerald waters. Glaronisia are located across Papafragas.    
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  Very close to Adamantas, easily accessible beaches with sand and tamarix trees, suitable for families.
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 Big and sandy beach, with easy access, on the south of Milos. There is a hotel with a beach bar and hot springs. It is crowded in the summer. If you want more privacy prefer going to nearby Agios Sostis.
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The beach of the settlement on the northeast of the island has tamarix trees, sand, taverns and cafés in a walking distance. Pelekouda is its continuation.
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Dazzling white, green and deep blue are combined in a unique way at this outdoor sculpture museum. You should not come here just to swim, but also to explore a geological phaenomenon which is one of the most unusual phaenomena worldwide. Wander at the area of Sarakiniko and enjoy its beauty all around the year and throughout a day.    
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 North of Plaka with green waters, rocks and a small settlement with the picturesque “syrmata”.  
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 Huge and organized in the beginning, as the operating canteen here offers umbrellas-sunbeds. It has green waters, it is crowded and its enormous rocks constitute a geological “study” as all the colours –white, yellow, orange, red, gray– are combined in a unique way.    
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 On the south part of Adamantas, with sand.
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