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Agia Anna tis Paragas

It is a relatively quiet beach with thick sand and rocks. There are a few umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach, as well.  
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Agia Anna-Kalafatis

A beautiful beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a beach volleyball court, a restaurant, a diving centre and a bar in the area.     
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A beautiful beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, a beach bar and a restaurant. This beach is ideal for water sports (mainly windsurfing and water-skiing) and it does not attract many people.  
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Agios Ioannis (Ai Giannis)

An organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. It attracts foreign and Greek visitors from the neighboring settlement of Ornos. You can see Delos, as well as the channel between Mykonos and Delos from this beach. The big festival of Ai Giannis is also held here at the end of September.    
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Agios Stefanos

The beach is near the new port and it has sunbeds and umbrellas. It offers a great view of Chora, Delos and Rineia. It is quite popular among the visitors of the island. 
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This beach is located behind the Mills near Chora.  
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Agios Sostis

It is one of the favorite beaches of nudists and the visitors of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It is relatively windless and has no infrastructure.    
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A long and cosmopolitan sandy beach with emerald waters. There are sunbeds and straw umbrellas, as well as a beach bar, taverns and water sports centers (for water-skiing, jet-skiing, parachuting, windsurfing, tubes etc) on the beach.       
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A long, sandy beach that is ideal for water sports (water-skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, tubes, banana, but mostly windsurfing, due to the etesians).    
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Kalo Livadi

A long, sandy beach with sunbeds, straw umbrellas, a lifeguard and a beach bar. A beach volleyball tournament is held here as well.    
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Kanalia-Agioi Konstantinoi

A series of coves with sand and rocks overlooking Chora and the islet of Agios Georgios. They are favored by windsurfers and kitesurfers, since strong winds usually blow over them.     
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It is located relatively close to Ai Giannis and Ornos. It is a small beach with fine sand and it is surrounded by rocks. You can enjoy a wonderful view of Delos and a lovely sunset here.      
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It is located a bit more to the east than Kalafatis and it is quite cosmopolitan. Part of the beach is organized and has umbrellas and sunbeds. It has crystal clear emerald waters and golden sand. There are also restaurants in the area.    
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Megali Ammos

It is the closest beach to Chora. It is affected by north winds and that is the reason why it does not have any umbrellas or sunbeds. However, it is ideal for windsurfing.    
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It is only 3km away from Chora (to the south) and it is located right before the settlement of Ornos. It has straw umbrellas and sunbeds and it is favored by families because the sea is calm in that area. Caïques to other beaches (Psarou, Elia, Agrari, Super Paradise) depart from here. It is rather windless, in comparison to other beaches of the island, and there are also hotels and restaurants in the area.    
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A long beach with fine sand and a beach volleyball court. It is located west of Panormos bay and it is favored by windsurfers.    
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It offers a wonderful view of Delos and it has fine sand and beautiful rocks. There are umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach and a mini-market, taverns, restaurants and beach bars in the area.      
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One of the most crowded and famous beaches of Mykonos where young people gather since there are many beach bars in the area. It used to be called Kalamopodi and it was famous all around the world among the hippies of that time. You will find stores, restaurants, pool bars, rooms to let and a playground in the area. You can play beach volleyball, while you are there, or try water-skiing, jet-skiing, diving, as well as the banana and the tubes.  
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Platis Gialos

Crowded and wide beach with sand, in a walking distance from Ornos and Chora. It is ideal for families. The surrounding hotels provide sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bars on the beach. From here caiques depart for oher beaches on the island (Super Paradise, Elia, Agrari etc.).     
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Super Paradise

A crowded wide beach with sand in a walking distance from Ornos and Chora. It is ideal for families. The hotels of the area provide sunbeds and umbrellas and have their own beach bars. Caïques to other beaches (Super Paradise, Elia, Agrari etc) depart from here.    
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A small, beautiful and rather secluded beach that is surrounded by rocks. It is a sandy beach with deep waters. Apart from a small tavern, there is no tourist infrastructure in the area.  
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This sandy beach with the wonderful waters is located at the innermost point of Panormos bay. It is ideal for windsurfing, due to the north winds that continuously blow over it. The beach has no infrastructure. Greek and foreign windsurfers favor Ftelia. A Neolithic settlement has also been discovered in the area.    
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Pebbles are called “houlakia” on Mykonos. The beach is located past Agios Stefanos and it is a rather quiet one.  
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A famous cosmopolitan beach that is favored by both Greek and foreign VIPs. Luxury boats and yachts moor off shore a bit further away from the sandy beach in order to enjoy the food of the luxury restaurants of the area, among other things. There are comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach. The quality of the beach service is excellent. There are water sports centers in the area, too.    
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