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Agia Irini

Its exotic colour is due to the numerous uncultivated palm trees that are located a few metres away from the sea.
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Agii Anargyri

At the edge of Naousa, a famous family beach with sand and a few trees for shadow.
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Agios Nikolaos

Next to Pounta, quiet beach, with shallow, warm waters.
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Agios Fokas

A sandy beach awarded by the Greek National Tourism Organization. The cave of Archilochos is nearby.  
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Ai Giannis Detis (Katholikon)

It has shallow waters, a fact that makes it ideal for families with young children. You can have water sports and many, short trekking trails (e.g. towards the Lighthouse) which have been sign-posted. There is a refreshment stand above the beach.
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Very close to Santa Maria. It is windless, with clear waters, taverns and beach bars. It is preferred by families.    
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The sandy beach of the small fishing settlement with little taverns right next to the sea.    
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Quiet beach with white sand and a small pier.
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With tamarix trees for shadow and few visitors, even in August.    
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This beach is located among Molos and Ambelas and it suffers from the “meltemia” (north winds). It is preferred by the surfers.     
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A beach suitable for families. It has crystal waters and a beach bar.    
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Running waters, rich vegetation, restaurants and bars. It stands out for its ancient ship sheds, the deep corrugations on its rocks, which once supported the foundations of the facilities for the hoisting and the storing of the boats.
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One of the wildest beaches of the island, it stands out for the colours on its rocks and the abundant clay which you can peel out from their surface and put it wet on you.
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Big sandy beach, with rocks for enjoyable dips.
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Small beaches, famous in the entire Aegean, with calm emerald waters. The granite rocks have been sculpted by the wind, the sea and the time in natural sculptures which ignite the imagination. You will easily come from Naousa, either by car, or by boat. There are umbrellas-sunbeds as well.      
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Sandy beach, with bars and restaurants next to the crystal clear sea.
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This beach is known for its sand dunes. It has fine sand and channels carved on its rocks. It is a few kilometers away from Naousa.
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Famous beach on the north of Parikia, ideal for families, with tourist infrastructures.    
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A beach with shallow and warm waters.
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A beach that has won a Blue Flag for its exemplary cleanness and organization. There are taverns, bars and hotels. You can do water sports.    
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With natural shadow, emerald waters and a very interesting seabed.    
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Next to the beach of Krios. The white lilies of Virgin Mary bloom here every spring. It is windless, with white sand and a beach-bar. 
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Crowded beach with restaurants and bars, which is preferred by youth groups.
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Shallow, safe and big beach, ideal for families with young children. It has showers, little taverns and accommodations.
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Nea Chrysi Akti (or Tserdakia)

Ideal for water sports and swimming. It has been awarded a Blue Flag and it is ideal for windsurfing –that is why the worldwide windsurfing championship was organized here since the early 1990s. The sports infrastructure is excellent –and mainly those which are related to the particular sport. There are all types of lodgments.    
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A beach with easy access, it has an islet right across, with archaeological findings.
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Sandy and famous beach preferred by the young. There are restaurants and beach-bars.
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Piperia (Mikro & Megalo)

The favourite beaches of the Naousians, suitable for families.
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Piso Aliki

Family beach with little trees and a restaurant.    
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Piso Livadi

Crystal clear, sandy beach in the homonymous settlement, with shadow from the tamarix trees, taverns and bars.
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Awarded with a Blue Flag and the starting point for a short trip to Antiparos. Here come those who seek constant strong wind. On the strait between Paros and Antiparos the winds look like trades and the flat sand of Pounta is ideal for learning water sports. It is ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing. There are hotels, cafés, restaurants and a diving school.    
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A beach next to Psarolimano with a good anchorage for small boats.        
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Santa Maria

Golden beaches, organized with umbrellas-sunbeds. You can rent a canoe and a pedal boat, or go diving.
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Windless, sandy beach, touristically organized.  There is a beach bar.
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Chrysi Akti

Its golden sand looks like no other on the island. It is the biggest beach in Paros, 1km long. It has been awarded a Blue Flag and it has excellent infrastructure for water sports and recreation.    
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