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Agathi - Charaki

Agathi is one of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern side of the island. Apart from the wide sandy beach and shallow waters, the area has an additional advantage: it offers a stunning view of the medieval Feraklos (or Faraklos) castle, which stands right in front of the beach. The beach was named after Agia Agathi (Saint Agatha), to whom a small church nearby is dedicated.  
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Hagios Pavlos

It is a narrow cove with a small sandy beach with tiny pebbles on the southern side of the rock on which the acropolis of Lindos is built. In spite of its size, it is particularly crowded.
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An endless beach on the southern side of the island, about 20km long. It does not attract many visitors because when south winds are blowing, the waves are too high. The entire Apolakkia bay has been included in the European NATURA 2000 Network.
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Traounou - Afandou - Plaka

An endlessly long and very wide beach with sand and small pebbles. The same beach is separated into three parts: at the beginning it is called Traounou or Traganou coast, in the middle it is called Afandou beach and at the end, Plaka. It is organized at various points and there are also water sports facilities.  
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Ladiko (Anthony Quinn)

Two small neighboring beaches near Faliraki. Ladiko is a small bay with a sandy beach and right next to it is the Anthony Quinn beach, also known as Vágies (stressed on /a/) or Vagiés (stressed on /e/), its traditional name. The latter is small, with pebbles and huge rocks inside and out of the sea. When Anthony Quinn, the actor, was in Rhodes for the filming of “The Guns of Navarone”, he was negotiating the purchase of this particular bay. He failed to acquire it in the end, but the name remained...  
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It is located at the end of the vast Kalathos beach, 3 kilometers before reaching Lindos. It is surrounded by the majority of the large hotel complexes of Lindos.
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An alluring beach, south of Lardos, in a bay far from the residential area. It is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and two mobile canteens.    
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Elli (Rhodes beach)

The most bustling and cosmopolitan beach of the city of Rhodes, equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bars on the sand. It is located at the northernmost part of the island and it extends from the old night club “Elli” to the Aquarium.  
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Ixia - Ialyssos

Right after the city of Rhodes and all through the way to the village of Ialyssos (formerly named Trianta), an immense organized beach with white sand and turquoise waters extends. Along the beach there are several wind surfing schools, renting equipment and informing those who are interested in the activity. Various wind surfing, beach volleyball and beach soccer tournaments are held throughout the summer.    
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The oblong Kallithea bay, with its crystal clear waters and exotic vegetation, is the favorite beach of the Rhodes city residents. The surrounding area is of special interest (the beach is located inside the impressive Kallithea hydrotherapy center), and so is the rocky seabed of the beach.    
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A small beach in western Rhodes with sand and some tamarisks along the coast road. It is not organized but it has a few showers for rinsing off the salt water, a beach bar and a tavern. You will rarely find the beach full of people.
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An endless sandy beach with small pebbles. It is not very crowded. At some points it is organized with umbrellas and sun loungers. Water sports are available and there are also small taverns.
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An organized beach with fine sand and taverns on the west side. It is not particularly well-known, therefore it is ideal for a quit swim away from the crowds.
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A long beach with fine sand and shallow waters, which make it ideal if you have young children. It is located 3km south of Lardos beach.


On the west side, Kremasti beach is organized and busy, with many bars and water sports schools. It is approximately 10 km long.
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Two long organized beaches surrounded by hotels, bars and taverns. Ideal for those who love bustling beaches and water sports.
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An immense organized beach with sand and small pebbles extending all the way to Lachania. Along the beach there are luxurious hotel complexes, taverns and beach bars. It is organized in several parts with umbrellas and subeds. Here you can also do many water sports (wind surfing, Jet Ski, kite surfing, etc.).    
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An organized sandy and pebble beach. You have the opportunity for water sports and there is a go-kart track running.
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Next to Faliraki the small beach Mantomata is located, which very few people know by its original name, as it is known on the island as a nudist beach. The access to water is difficult because there are slippery rocks in the shallows.    
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Megalos Gialos

It is the main beach of Lindos, on the north side of the Acropolis rock. It is considered the most cosmopolitan and vibrant beach of the island. It has fine sand, shallow waters as well as sets of umbrellas and sun loungers.
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A very quiet, 4.5 km long beach with black sand at the end of a large bay on the east side. The area is of ecological importance because the sea turtle Caretta caretta uses the dunes of the beach to lay its eggs. A tavern is open.
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Prasonisi is the southernmost beach of Rhodes. It is a sandy “tip” of land washed by the sea on both sides, right and left. Prasonisi is also the name of the lush islet that is almost tangential to the beach. In summer, Rhodes and Prasonisi are connected through a strip of sand about 500 m long and one can go from one island to the other on foot. The most bizarre thing at this place is that the sea on one side of the strip is always choppy, while at the same time on the other side it is calm. This peculiarity has helped Prasonisi become one of the surfers’ favorite beaches.     
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A few decades ago Pefki was a poor fishing village. Now it is an extension of Lindos for tourist purposes (they are only 4km away). The beach is large, organized and busy. It is surrounded by a pine tree forest and many large hotel complexes.    
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It is the beach of Archangelos village. It is long, sandy and it does not attract the crowds. At its end there is a small harbor. Some of the most famous fish taverns on the island are running at this beach. There is also a beach volleyball court.    
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A very beautiful large beach with fine sand, dunes and shallow waters. It has several mobile canteens and two water sports schools. Above the beach the rock where the celebrated monastery of Panagia Tsambika is located overhangs.
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In the 1950s it was a peaceful coast, called Pachynammos, with only two houses and a tavern named Faliraki. Today it is one of the busiest beaches on Rhodes.    
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An extended sandy beach on the west side, featuring a picturesque fishing harbor at one end. You will not find any umbrellas or sun loungers here. There are only two or three fish taverns and two wind surfing and kite surfing schools.    
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Beyond the Monolithos castle, the asphalt continues for 5 kilometers, leading to a dead-end. A small secluded beach called Fourni is located there. It is not organized but there is a small canteen.    
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