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The rocks of Chrysopigi

The flat plaques where you can lie on and the green-azure waters made the rocks of Chrysopigi one of the most crowded places on the island. If they are overcrowded you can choose the adjacent, small Saoures beaches, or the sandy bay of Apokofto with the taverns.    


It is located next to renowned Chrysopigi with sand and calm waters. There are little taverns by the sea. 
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Vathy beach

Fine sand, shallow waters, ideal for families with young children. Vathy bay is one of the most popular bays on the island and it has a luxurious resort, rooms to let, little taverns and cafés. It is preferred by those who come to Sifnos by boat.  
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Small, pebbled beach just before Cherronisos. There are two café-restaurants which have umbrellas-sunbeds. 
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Kamares beach

Between the port and Agia Marina there is the big sandy and organized beach, with reedbeds and sand dunes with little lilies of sand which bloom in August. Each year it is awarded with the Blue Flag of the European Union.    
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Platis Gialos-Sifnou

Very famous and organized beach, ideal for families and young groups of friends. It is the biggest sandy beach in Sifnos. Here there are taverns, cafes, bars, hotels, grocery stores etc. Each year it is awarded with a Blue Flag. The uninhabited islet of Kitriani (or Kypriani) stands out across the beach, with the church of Panagia, the oldest one in Sifnos (11th century).    
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The waters below the church of Poulati are crystal clear. Descending from the trail next to the church you pass through the reeds and a very small river, in a very beautiful landscape.      
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Beaches of Faros

You can choose between three beaches: the central one of Faros, with a view to Chrysopigi, where there are taverns, a grocery store, cafés etc, Fasolou (left of Faros) with a restaurant and the one of Glyfo where you can go through a little trail which begins from the beach of Faros. A nice trail to the beach of Apokofto and Chrysopigi begins from Glyfo.        
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Beautiful enclosed bay with a few little taverns and the workshop of old potter Kostas Depastas, “I Dyskoli”. As it is protected from the winds it attracts families with children.    
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