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Agios Aimilianos

A narrow strip of land connects the islet of Agios Aimilianos with the mainland of Symi. It does not have sandy beaches, but its waters are green and clear. Sailing to Agios Aimilianos you will see the pebbled beach Maroni (northwest of Gialos) with the pinewood reaching the coast. Right after Maroni, there is another isolated beach, which is Gaidouromantra.   Info You can go to the beaches by sea taxis which depart from the port of Symi in the morning (usually at 10 o’ clock) and return in the afternoon at 4 o’ clock.
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Agios Vasilios

Enclosed bay to the southwest (accessible only by boat).  
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Agios Georgios Disalonas

It is the most impressive beach in the island and it is characterized by a vertical rock 300m high which offers its shadow as well. The name Disalonas comes from the adjective ‘disalotos’ (with difficult access). You will go by boat.  
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Agia Marina

Small sandy beach almost opposite the homonymous rocky island with the chapel of Agia Marina. You can access it on foot from Pedi.  
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Agios Nikolaos

Sandy beach with trees that offer their shadow. It is accessible on foot from Pedi, or by boat.
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Pebbled beach close to the monastery of Panormitis. Sunbeds are available.
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It has large pebbles and wonderful waters. The operating tavern there rents beach umbrellas and sunbeds. (Accessible only by boat).
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A small sandy beach, in front of a local hotel. Continuing you will find the tavern with the sunbeds on the jetties and another small sandy beach.  
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Nimos Islets which have beautiful beaches. (Accessible only by boat).
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It is located near Harani. It is organized with crystal clear waters.  
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Sandy beach only in front of the homonymous hotel. It is windless.
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Islet which have beautiful beaches. (Accessible only by boat).
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Inside the cave there is a small pebbled beach. You may find seals.
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