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  The cove of Korissia’s bay, due to its position, is usually full of moored boats. However, if you get there before lunch or coffee, you can follow the road to Agia Irini, a beach with rocks, beautiful, quiet and clean.  
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  Very close to Korissia, the small and relatively narrow beach offers great shade thanks to the tamarix and the eucalyptus trees. The access is easy, since it is next to the road. There are facilities and a beach bar.  
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  Favorite beach for those who own boats. The main beach is narrow, with smooth rocks on the edge, and it has tamarix trees. The beach has been awarded with a light blue flag (for clear beaches). There is a beach bar which rents umbrellas and sunbeds. Nearby, you will find the four small beaches of Bouri, where there are sunbeds and umbrellas as well, Freas, Hiliomodou and Ligia.    
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  The port of Tzia is ideal for swimming. The beach is sandy and the sea is clear and almost always calm.  
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  You will see it when you visit the monastery of Kastriani. If you can take it, you will go downhill in the path, in order to enjoy the waters of the desert cove, which is surrounded by high, steep rocks.
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  It is 3km after Koundouros and it is located on the beautiful deep bay with the small settlement. It is quiet, with a few trees. There is a tavern across the road.
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  South of Korissia, a sandy beach with light blue, deep waters. You can find umbrellas and sunbeds.  
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  Beautiful, long and protected by the winds. Surrounded by tamarix and eucalyptus trees, the beach of 700m length looks hospitable even at the hot midday hours. Due to the very easy access, in Otzias many people are gathered in the summer-nevertheless, you will not feel cramped. There is a facility for people with special needs as well – corridor for access to the beach and benches.
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  You will get here through the road of Kato Meria-Ioulis. The beach is sandy and in the background there are shady trees.
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  Just before you reach Karthaia, after a walk on the path, you have the chance to catch a breath of coolness in the light blue waters of this beach.
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  Long sandy beach with easy access, shade from tamarix trees and straw umbrellas. There is a net for beach volley. The camping site is located behind the beach. There are also taverns. There is facility for people with special needs here as well – corridor for access to the beach and benches.  
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Sandy beach, without shade, which is preferred by many vacationers lately. There is a tavern and rentals of umbrellas and sunbeds.  
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  It is concidered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with sand and pebbles. 
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