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The watchtowers

There are many watchtowers at key points on the entire island and they date back to the Hellenistic period approximately (3rd-2nd century BC). These towers were used for defensive purposes as watchtowers. On the book of archaeologist Mrs Lila Marangou “Archei Pyrgi” there is a map with the 23 towers that were found until 1999. Today the tower of Agia Triada (or tower in Chorio), at Terlaki and Rihti are preserved in good condition.    

The Tower of Agia Triada

t is located in the district of Arkesini, near the settlement in Chorio and it is built on a low hill. This sturdy building is the best-preserved tower of rectangle shape in the Cyclades. It dates back to the 4th century BC and it is believed that it was used for defensive purposes and as a ‘fryctoria’, for the transmission of light signals to the other towers with which it was directly connected. It was used, though, as a residence as well.
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