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The tower house of Athinaios

The neoclassical tower house of Athinaios in the village of Strapouries was built by the rich businessman Ioannis Athinaios. It has small towers, skylights and coats of arms and it is surrounded by a large farm. To get there follow the cobblestone street that was named after him. Its starting point is almost opposite the bus stop. There is also another shady trail leading to the tower house. You will see it on the left of the main road, after passing by the small church of Agios Panteleimonas. 
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The tower houses of Aidonia village

The tower houses are big two-storey buildings with strong gates and battlements from where hot oil was poured onto the invaders. They were built by the so-called Archonti, the Venetians’ administrative employees who owned all the big farms – except for those that belonged to the monasteries. Some of them have been restored today and along with the rest of the buildings of the village they create some beautiful neighborhoods.   
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The Tower of Agios Petros

This fryctoria watchtower (an observation post for pirates) that is considered to have been built between the 4th and 3rd century BC is located in the homonymous settlement of western Andros. It is one of the best preserved in the Cyclades. You can reach the beach of Vitali from there.    
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The Tower of Vlychada

The small beach of Pyrgos with its two small churches (Panagia Pyrgou and Agios Petros) is located at the northern end of the beach of Vlychada in western Andros. You can see the deserted Venetian tower, which is considered to have been built at the beginning of the 15th century, on top of the cliff. The tower that was surrounded by a fortress was used as an observation post, as this very spot played an important role in navigation.   See also the Venetian castle in Chora, the Bistis-Mouvelas tower house at Stenies.     
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Bistis-Mouvelas tower house

Bistis-Mouvelas tower house
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The Castle of Faneromeni

An impressive cliff with a flat peak stands out when you explore the area of Korthi. After driving past the village of Kochylou, you will reach the bottom of the steps that will lead you to the castle, where you will come across ruins of stone houses, underground reservoirs and the church of Faneromeni (Koimisi Theotokou – Assumption of Mary). From that point, you can also enjoy a unique view. The castle that was once called Epano Kastro or Palaiokastro dates back to the Middle Ages. An influential medieval city with 2-meter thick walls had been built at this location. Some sections of those walls are still there to be seen.     
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