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Towers and acropolises

In the area of Vathis, at a mound near the port, next to the church of Saint Irene, there are the remains of a tower of the Hellenistic period, as well as of the corresponding surrounding. In addition, in the area of Vathis, at the mound Kastella, in “Stimenia”, there are remains of an acropolis, which is known as the Acropolis of Kastella. As far as the place name Stimenia is concerned, it probably emanates from the word “temenia”, which in Greek means mosques or churches. The remains are characterized as pelasgian and carian. However, the use until the Byzantine times is also probable.

The castle of Hrysoheria

It is built in the summit of a small hill located 4 kilometers to the north-west of the port of Pothia and it is an individual castle that was used as an observatory. It was known as Hrysoheria, Pera Kastro and Hrisoserza. Inside the castle there were tanks and other buildings, while under the hill there were three cone-shaped windmills that were enclosed by circular walls with openings used in case of war. These windmills can date back to 1522.

The castle of Pothia

It is also called the castle of the Chora of Kalymnos. It covers the wide summit of a steep and mountainous mound that is located at a short distance to the north-east of the settlement at an altitude of 255 m. The resistant castle walls enclose a surface of 30,500 sq. meters. It was the main residential centre of the island during the Middle Ages and, more specifically, during the period of the Knights. Its current form including high walls that embrace peripherally the summit of the rocky mound dated back to the end of the 15th century, after the reconstruction of the fortification by the Knights of Saint John, who occupied the Dodecanese from 1309 to 1522.
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