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During the Bronze Age, the first Minoan settlers arrived at the location of today’s capital and port of the island, which was then called Poseidio or Potidaio. Potidaio was abandoned after 1200 BC due to raids and its residents moved to a naturally fortified position, where the town of Aperi is located today, and founded the town of Karpathos. Today, under the name Pigadia, the capital is the administrative and commercial centre of the island and can serve as a great base for trips to the southern and central part of the island. You can pay a visit to the ruins of the ancient town which are located next to the port.    
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The Olympos village

The village of Olympos (or Elympos) is not easy to win over. You have to make quite an effort to get there and get to know it. The village seems even more beautiful when you look at it from afar, whether you gaze upon it from the ravine as you return from Diafani or from the sea. A supernatural chevron embroidered between mountain tops, decorating the Ai Lia-Koryfiou mountain pass and waiting for the sun to shed light on its neighbourhoods during sunrise and sunset. There is no other settlement like this one in Greece. Dozens of windmills, bakeries and small churches cuddling with the humble houses leaving only small narrow passageways for the residents and tourists that keep the village alive to walk on. Noawadays, most of the villagers regard tourism as their only salvation and that is why the women of the village put on their festive traditional “kavai” outfit and wait for the buses to arrive. 
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