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The capital and the harbor of the island is located at the centre of the villages around the bay of Bouka which has an eyebrow shape (‘fridi’ in Greek) and this is where the settlement’s name probably takes after. The small, marvelous harbor, used by the fishing boats as a place for anchorage in front of the settlement is also named Bouka. Fri was founded in 1840 mainly by the inhabitants of Agia Marina. There are various stone-built mansions, real works of art, like the Minakouli’s house where the health centre is based today, the traditional guesthouse of the school, Koutlaki’s mansion and other houses that belonged to captains. Most of the houses are two-storeyd and preserve the old architecture. In front of the City Hall, at the small square, there is a monument created by Anatoli Lazaridi. There are 335 inhabitants in Fri.



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