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The town of Kos

The town of Kos has a dual and incongruous look which is what makes it extremely interesting. On the one hand, there are the extensive archaeological sites of the ancient port, the agora, the medieval capital of the island, theNerantzia Castle and the western quarters. A true paradise for ancient history buffs and historians that makes up 11% of the town area. On the other hand, there is the modern town with its urban peculiarities. This town, together with Lakki of the island of Leros, is unique in the Dodecanese as they have been designed by Italian urban planners and architects that were influenced by early Modernism, rationalism and eclecticism.

The Medieval town

The walls of the old town of Kos were built in a hurry between 1391 and 1396 in order to hold off the attacks of Bayezid I, who tried to conquer the island many times. A large part of the southern walls with two small oblong towers (Ippokratous Street) still exists today. On the contrary, only a fragment of the northern walls situated opposite the entrance of the Nerantzia Castle and supporting the mound of the Plane tree of Hippocrates still exists today.    At the eastern bastion you can see the coats of arms of Juan Fernandez de Heredia and his chargé d'affaires in Kos, commander Schlegelholz above the gate. The oblong battlements and the arrow slits further up on the same wall were added during the Ottoman Greece period. 
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