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The Old Town of Rhodes

It is the most important attraction of Rhodes, as it is a tourist trap for visitors coming from all over the world. It is a labyrinth consisting of narrow streets with small houses and imposing knights’ buildings, most of which were built in the 15th and 16th century, amidst around 35 medieval churches and several mosques, which with their minarets add an oriental touch. UNESCO has included the town in the List of World Heritage Towns, therefore any alteration in the appearance of houses and buildings without the approval of the archaeological service is prohibited.  
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During the rule of the Knights, there were only fields and small churches at the point where today the modern city of Rhodes lies. The city began to expand after the island’s occupation by the Turks, when the Christians were forbidden to live inside the walled settlement. At night the Turks would close the wall doors and the Greeks who owned shops there were forced to go outside. So, the Greeks built their small houses, close to one another, in the fields of Mandraki. These old neighborhoods are called “marasia” but today there are only a few remnants left.
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Three kilometers outside Mandraki, on the way to Lindos, Rodini can be found, a parkland with streams, ponds, little bridges and lush vegetation. In ancient times it was the location of the property of some woman named Rodine, to whom the place owes its name. It is also said that there was once a Rodine monastery in the area. No evidence of it, however, has been found. During the time of the Knights, in Rodini was located the summer house of the Grand Master. The parkland has been formed as a recreation area, featuring paths, benches, many drinking fountains, picnic areas, a small zoo and the opportunity to go on a boat ride on the large canal (part of a Roman aqueduct that was in use until the 19th century). In Rodini a rhetoric school was founded by Aeschines when he left Athens after his defeat in rhetoric by Demosthenes. Thus, ancient Rhodians acquired over time the reputation of good orators.
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