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Megalo Horio

There used to be the ancient capital of Tilos and later on the powerful castle of the Knights of Saint John. By the early 19th century the whole population stayed within the walls due to the fear of the pirates.

Now the village expands amphitheatrically at the foot of the steep hill of Agios Stefanos maintaining elements of the traditional Dodecanese architecture intact. It is characterized by the whitewashed stone houses with the blue windows, the narrow streets, the stair landings, the flower filled gardens and the warm hospitality of the kind locals.

Visit the Taxiarchis monastery with the impressive vaults which touches the ancient wall. The wooden iconostasis, the despotic bishop's throne and the pulpit are works of the 19th century.

The enclosure of the monastery with the pebbled courtyard is defined by other buildings as well which nowadays host the Town Hall, the Municipal Library and the office of the parish. Furthermore, you should visit the church of Panagia Theotokissa at a point of the village offering a panoramic view, the museum with the temporary exhibition of dwarf elephant bones from the Charkadio cave and the archaeological collection of pottery clay figurines and sculptures and architectural parts of the Classical, Hellenistic and early Christian era, from different parts of the island.


Megalo Chorio
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