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In Fri there is the church of Agios Spyridonas, the patron saint of the island, which was built during the early 20th century, with a fine woodcut iconostasis and an elaborate bell tower with a clock. In Emporios you can visit the church of Vaftisi tis Theotokou (The Baptism of Mary), built in 1856, which is three-aisled with cobblestone floor, a fine iconostasis and a plaster colored adornment. Behind the church there is the chapel where the icon was found. It is a palaiochristian basilica, whose architectural parts were used to build the church. On the marbled stairs you can see the carvings from its previous use; they could be the stairs of an ancient temple. The baptistery is located in a self-owned space.

Agios Mamas

The monastery of Agios Mamas is located 4km southeast from Poli and its Catholicon has a pebbled floor and a woodcut iconostasis. Next to the church there is a guesthouse and a water well. The scenery is very beautiful and from here you can see the Libyan Sea.  

Agios Georgios

The monastery of Agios Georgios is in Chadies, 10km southwest from the settlement of Agia Marina with remarkable icons and a woodcut iconostasis. The monastery is preserved in the best possible way by the locals, since their faith to the saint is enormous. The buildings around it have been transformed into guest houses with free access, since overnight stays constitute a very significant experience for all Kasians.  
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