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Muslim monuments of the town of Kos

- Defterdar mosque. It is located at Eleftherias Square and owes its name to the finance minister of the Sultan, Ibrahim Effendi, who funded its construction. Two elaborate staircases based on columns lead to the mihrab and the prayer hall on the second floor of the mosque. It is considered an exceptional example of Islamic art as its superstructure is made of carved stones (that are laid in courses so that each vertical joint of a course comes over the middle of a stone below) and its dome is based on 12 arches.

Medieval churches

Church of the Presentation of Jesus (main church of the Kastrianon Monastery). Saint Christodoulos Latrinos came to Kos from Asia Minor in 1080 and founded the Monastery of Panagia Kastrianon on the hill of Palaio Pyli. Only the main church of the monastery remains intact today. It is a church with a single space, one-brick walls and an arched roof. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary at first. Now it is dedicated to the Presentation of Jesus. The celebrations of the church are held on February 2 every year. The local parish organizes many festivities honoring the event the day before. Most of the religious paintings of the church date back to the early 16th century.
- Basilica of the port. The basilica has three aisles, a wooden roof, an atrium and a baptistery and was built between the 5th and 6th century. It measures 72m in length and 23,5m in width and was one of the biggest Christian churches in the Mediterranean and probably the first majestic building on the island after the prevalence of Christianity in the area. It was built over the ruins of the ancient arcade of the port that was buried in the ground in order to create an artificial mound that would add height to the church. There were mosaic floors in the nave and granite columns with no fluting that were transported by the Knights Hospitaller and used to build a gate at the Nerantzia Castle. The baptistery was connected to the south aisle of the nave via a small corridor.
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