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Byzantine churches

Six Byzantine churches are preserved in Sikinos –not an insignificant number compared to the small size of the island. These are Agios Nikolaos in Rahes Katergou, Panagia of Sykia near Alopronia, Metamorfosi tou Sotiros (or Christos) near Chora, Agios Stefanos in Horio, the chapel of the Diocese dedicated to Agia Anna, and its nearby Agios Georgios.
The church of Panagia Pantanassa with the characteristic blue dome stands out at the square of Kastro. It was structured in 1787 and initially it was dedicated to Timios Stavros. It is worth noting the gilded wood-carved baroque iconostasis with the splendid icons which belong to the Cretan School.
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The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

It stands out with its tall white-washed enclosure, on the edge of the cliff, NE of Chora. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (or Chrysopigi) was built in 1690 and as it appears from the fortification, the battlements and the murder holes, it was a last resort of the Sikinians every time the Castle was under malicious raiders.
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The impressive monastery complex consists of the Katholikon, the adjacent Byzantine chapel of Agia Anna and the ruined buildings of cells and ancillary rooms
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