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Another Delos?

According to well founded archaeological and scholarly assumptions, Keros is the same island with the ancient Asteria, the island where Apollo and Artemis were born – instead of Delos.  The supporters of this theory are based on Homer, Hesiod, the Orphic hymns and other ancient sources. Lowland Delos does not match the descriptions of the ancient poets, who speak of an arid “haunted” rock. Keros meets their criteria more.  

The view over the island from Pano Koufonisi during the two Solstices is stunning and gives rise to mystical associations. The Moon rises over the island’s mountain at the spot where the pubes of the woman’s figure are supposedly located in June while the Sun also rises from that very spot in December. So how could the ancient Greeks not assume that the lying Leto was giving birth to the Moon-Artemis and the Sun-Apollo on the opposite island every time they saw these two celestial objects rising from Koufonisia or Naxos?


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