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According to ancient myths, the Phoenicians were the first settlers of Milos. They were later followed by the Dorians and the Minyans from Laconia. Milos was one of the Dorian islands during the Archaic Period. A myth that was passed down to modern historians by Stephanus of Byzantium connects the name of the island to a hero named Milos. Some believe that the island owes its name to its round shape which makes it look like an apple (“milo” in Greek). In fact, apples were depicted on ancient coins of the island.

Milos had other names during the Antiquity as well, such as “Vivlis”, “Gorgis”, “Melis”, “Mymalis”, “Memvlis” and “Akytos”. It was also called “Zefyria” due to its geographical location.

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