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At the spring of Pithara

Just before you reach the settlement of Apoikia, you will see a sign pointing towards the spring of Pithara and its waterfall (10 minute walk). The route towards the spring is beautiful. According to the lore, this area is called “the fairies’ place”.    

The cave of Aladino

The small settlement of Aladino, with the single-arched stone bridge over Megalos Potamos, is picturesque. The bridge is considered to have been built by stoneworkers from Epirus. A little further uphill, there is a trail leading to the cave of Aladino. It is called Foro or Chaos and was explored by Ioannis Petroheilos. Anna Petroheilou mapped the trail in 1965. The cave extends over a surface of 170-200m2 and has 5 chambers, the first of which is located at a depth of 12m. For a guided visit and further information, please call +30 22820 51388.      
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