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Early Christian Basilica of Agios Vasilios

The ruins of an early Christian basilica of the 5th century still stand on the hill of Agios Vasilios, in Livadi. The fact that such big chapels were built on the island during that period indicates that Astypalaia played an important role in the propagation of Christianity in the Aegean Sea.  

Early Christian chapel of Agia Varvara

The chapel of Agia Varvara is located at another spot in Maltezana. It was built on the ruins of an early Christian basilica of the 5th century. There is even an Ionic column capital at the lintel of the chapel. Column bases and parts have also been preserved. The chapel is located next to a pen.    

The Tallara’s Baths

Late Roman baths in Maltezana. Mosaics of great value portraying the four seasons and the zodiac constellations have been found. The location of the site is hidden by the wild vegetation of the area.  

Early Christian church in Karekli

From the beach of Schinondas head towards the monument of the French admiral Bigot, about a kilometer away from the village of Maltezana. You need to ask the locals for directions in order to find the archaeological site since there is are no clear signs. A floor with mosaic fragments is what remains of the magnificent basilica of the 5th century that stood here once. It is surrounded by a makeshift fence.
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