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The Tristomo den

If you have grown tired of trendy locations, if you are not interested in common tourist destinations, if you can live without electricity, then welcome to Tristomo. This place has no permanent residents but those who do have assets here usually come to Tristomo from Diafani by boat. Tristomo’s name (which means three mouths) comes from the two rocky islets located at the entry point of the cove forming three passageways. You will approach the settlement with your boat from the third passage, the one with the lantern, which is the deepest of the three.

After entering the cove you will pay your respects to the Ai-Nikolas church that seems to be floating in the sea. Then, you will tie your boat right in front of the Panormitis church (the feast day of which is celebrated on November 8). The ancient marble capital lying in its courtyard indicates that this place used to be the natural harbor of ancient Vroukounta. There are many who believe that there used to be shrines in the area dedicated to Apollo and Poseidon (another possible location for them is Agia Katerina at Steno). 


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