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In Armathia, the biggest of all the islands around Kasos, time passes at its own pace. It may be deserted today, but some decades ago it had a key role for the life of Kasos. This was the place were the gypsum mines operated until the mid 20th century, where until the early ‘70s some families used to live and graze sheep, cultivate the land, fish, and they were so many that could run 7 coffee shops! This was the place of anchorage for the sponge fishing boats coming from Kalymnos, Chalki and Symi.

Nowadays, the only thing that brings to mind the memories of this lifestyle is the ruins of houses, stables, threshing floors and bakeries. Nonetheless, on this small island, the whitewashed chapel of Ypapanti is still standing above the waves, majestic and proud, for which all the people of Kasos visit the island on February 2 to conduct a liturgy and celebrate. Marmara - the best beach of the entire area - Karavostasi and small Apopantoula, the impressive beaches of Armathia, constitute a very good reason to visit the island.


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