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The southern route to Pano Koufonissi

The southern coasts of the island resemble a kaleidoscope due to the large number of the landscape's transitions. Seashores with thin sand interchange with rocks that have been carved by the seawater, natural pools and elusive caves. Along these coasts, you can find the most interesting walking route in the island.

Its entire longitude does not exceed 6km. The starting point is the Pariano (Winter Port) beach on the west side. It stretches over Agios Nikolaos, beyond Karnagia, Loutro beach and the windmills; it surpasses the main urban planning of Chora and finally leads you to the beaches of Harokopos and Fanos, which are considered as the busiest ones in the island. After Platia Pounta, you can follow a route heading north towards Pisina, where the rocks have shaped a natural pool, in order to reach an extraordinary closed inlet called Pori, that is located 4km north-east from Chora.

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