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The Baths of King Otto

They were brought to the foreground by German scientists brought to Greece by King Otto. He himself often visited this place, along with Queen Amalia, and he assigned the construction of the baths and a hostel to Theophil von Hansen. In 1960, the Hellenic Tourism Organization took over their management, renovated them and operated them as a “Xenia” Hotel, which was closed later on.

The hot springs of Loutra were first used during the Late Antiquity, as indicated by various findings (bathtubs, a glass vase, tombs), which date back to times before the advent of Christianity on the island.

The ruins of the ancient baths could be seen until 1782. Then, according to an inscription on a wall, the local architect K. Zanakis built a domed pool and changing rooms at the spring of Agioi Anargyroi at the expense of Nikolaos Mavrogenis, the Grand Dragoman of the Ottoman Navy.

The therapeutic nature of the hot springs was first detected by the Bavarian doctors and chemists who came with King Otto to Greece. The pool at the spring of Agioi Anargyroi was reconstructed in a scientific way, based on their recommendations, after a series of chemical analyses that confirmed the water’s healing properties.



The spring waters are ideal for treating rheumatism, arthritis, and gynecological conditions. The hydrotherapy centre is open to the public from June to October. For further information please call: + 30 22810 31217 / 31460.


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