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Hagios Pavlos (Saint Paul)

On the road that goes through the southern side of Rhodes, 3km before reaching Kattavia village, you will find a peculiar abandoned church with a tall bell tower. Around it there are a few small guest houses. Here was the seat of the Azienta San Marco agriculture company, founded in 1935 by the Italians, who brought to the area 45-50 families of Italian settlers to work. After the outbreak of the Word War II, the settlers left and were replaced by farmers from Kattavia. After the Italians withdrew in 1948, the building complex was permanently abandoned. A little further, on the opposite side of the road, the so-called prison of Saint Paul is located, which used to be a silk processing factory. The dirt road to the left of Saint Paul’s prison leads after 5-6 kilometers to the small monastery of Agios Georgios tis Nyfis (Saint George of the Bride).  
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It is a deserted village in the lush foothills of Mount Profitis Elias. It was built by the Italians (Campochiaro was its original name) and loggers from Northern Italy settled there. Their goal was not only the utilization of timber, but also the care of the forest for tourist reasons –on Profitis Elias used to stay the official guests of Rhodes. The square of Eleousa is surrounded by imposing buildings. The largest of them featuring the arches and the small curved balconies was the market. The prison was right across (now operating as a school). On one end of the square stood the sanatorium and on the other the church of Agios Charalambos (Saint Charalambos), which was once a Catholic and now is an Orthodox church. A few meters further from the square there is a large round cistern, filled by the waters of the adjacent Koskinisti spring. It is the home of a quite large population of gizani. This is all that remained of a population that no longer exists, that of the Platy stream.    
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